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Apps That Speak Your Language, and Everyone Else’s

You’re traveling overseas this summer for the family vacation of a lifetime. Or maybe you need to travel to a foreign country for business. Problem is, you don’t speak the […]


Odd Romance: Japan Still Loves the Fax Machine

We think of Japan as being infatuated with all things high-tech. It’s why Apple loves the place; Japanese consumers gobble up the latest iPad and iPod offerings voraciously. However, there’s […]


Need Some Brain Food? Follow These People on Twitter

Admit it: Your Twitter friends just aren’t that engaging. They’re wasting your time tweeting about what they ate for breakfast or what happened to their favorite character on their favorite […]


Not using LinkedIn to Market Your Business? You’re Missing Out

LinkedIn deserves to be ranked among the big three of social media sites, right alongside Facebook and Twitter. But LinkedIn is actually more important for your small business because unlike […]


Facing an Emergency? Turn to These Apps

These are dangerous times. Mother Nature is unleashing droughts and record-setting high temperatures. It seems a new tornado is ripping through the Midwest every day. And those are just the […]

web browser

What Does your Web Browser Say About Your Personality?

      We all browse the web today. But we don’t all use the same browser. There are plenty of choices out there — everything from the traditional Explorer […]

business hackers

Take the Steps to Protect Your Business Accounts from Hackers

        A recent New York Times story should serve as a warning to business owners: They may not be protected should a cyber criminal clear out their bank accounts. […]


Avoid the Most Common PowerPoint Mistakes

      PowerPoint presentations are the vacation slide shows of the business world: we’ve all sat through boring ones that seemed to last forever. Fortunately, there are several tips […]

facebook procrastination

Be a Better Procrastinator with These Facebook Tips

      Facebook is a great way to waste time. Don’t want to read that business report? Why not log onto your Facebook page? Not in the mood to […]

phone antivirus

Don’t Waste Money on Antivirus Software for Your Phone

        Antivirus software has taken a beating lately in the news, mostly because it has struggled to identify and contain some of the bigger malware attacks in […]