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Think Nanotechnology is Science Fiction? Think Again

You hear the word “nanotechnology,” and what do you think? It’s the stuff of science fiction, right? But in reality, nanotechnology is making life easier for all of us. At […]


Serious world problems? Don’t worry, Google is on it

Global warming? Poverty? Illiteracy? Debt crises? These are all huge global problems. And they’ve attracted the attention of the technology pros at Google. Google recently unveiled its new “Solve for […]


Worried about losing your PowerPoint presentations? Here are some cloud-based alternatives

When it’s time to create a business presentation, most of us automatically turn to Microsoft PowerPoint. For as long as computers have taken up space in cubicles, PowerPoint has dominated […]


Recommended Reading: “You Are Not A Gadget”

Has the emergence of the web benefited society? We certainly think so! (Surprise, surprise.) It has allowed us to get our news from a widervariety of sources. It has made […]


Moving Beyond the Mouse: Connecting with Our Computers in the Future

We’ve already had a taste of mouse-free computing. Touchscreens on our smartphones and tablets allow us to search the Internet, compose email messages, send texts, and stream movies—all without using […]


9 People You Should be Following on Twitter

You’re on Twitter, and you’re tired of reading about what your brother-in-law ate for breakfast (Grape Nuts, again). You’re interested in following the tweets of people who have real thoughts […]


New to Windows 7? These Tips Will Make You More Productive

Windows 7 represents a significant improvement over previous Windows operating systems. However, if you don’t know how to use this latest version of Windows properly, you’ll miss out on a […]


When it comes to predicting the future, science-fiction isn’t bad

We’re still waiting for our personal jet packs, and as far as we know, there aren’t any condos for sale on the moon. Surprisingly, though, the world of science-fiction has […]


Harvard Wants to Help with Your Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches, those short summaries used to define a product, service, or organization and its value proposition, aren’t just for bootstrapping entrepreneurs. Every business owner—heck, every employee—should have one polished […]


Three Cloud Apps Your Business Should Consider

One of the best things about the cloud computing revolution is that it’s now possible to have a big-company infrastructure even if you don’t have a big-company operating budget. These […]