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Why It’s Vital To Keep Your Email Up To Date

If you have ever lost or forgotten your email password, you know what a nightmare it can be to get back into your account. In order to do so, you’ve […]

The Doors You Leave Open are Making You Vulnerable

We may not mean to, but all too often we set ourselves up for failure or attack. In this case, we’re talking about basic network security. You might be thinking […]


Odd Romance: Japan Still Loves the Fax Machine

We think of Japan as being infatuated with all things high-tech. It’s why Apple loves the place; Japanese consumers gobble up the latest iPad and iPod offerings voraciously. However, there’s […]


Need Some Brain Food? Follow These People on Twitter

Admit it: Your Twitter friends just aren’t that engaging. They’re wasting your time tweeting about what they ate for breakfast or what happened to their favorite character on their favorite […]


Not using LinkedIn to Market Your Business? You’re Missing Out

LinkedIn deserves to be ranked among the big three of social media sites, right alongside Facebook and Twitter. But LinkedIn is actually more important for your small business because unlike […]


Facing an Emergency? Turn to These Apps

These are dangerous times. Mother Nature is unleashing droughts and record-setting high temperatures. It seems a new tornado is ripping through the Midwest every day. And those are just the […]


The New Era of Distributed Denial-of-service Attacks

The perpetrators of a growing number of distributed denial-of-service attacks today are not scammers. Rather, they are individuals or groups hoping to make political or ideological statements. These troublemakers are […]

Squeeze More Life Out of Your Aging Servers

Companies today rely heavily on the power of their servers. Unfortunately, servers have relatively short life spans. This means that businesses must frequently make the difficult, and costly, decision to […]

Watch of the Future

Looking for a High-Tech Watch? Check out these Kickstarter Projects

You want your wristwatch to tell perfect time. That’s reasonable, but what if your watch could do more? What if you could listen to all the music from your iPod […]


9 Lessons from Federal IT Reform – Cloud Migration

Original Article Appeared Here The federal government should start seeing savings of $100 million a year starting in 2013 as result of some agency cloud migrations resulting from the Office […]