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Squeeze More Life Out of Your Aging Servers

Companies today rely heavily on the power of their servers. Unfortunately, servers have relatively short life spans. This means that businesses must frequently make the difficult, and costly, decision to […]

Watch of the Future

Looking for a High-Tech Watch? Check out these Kickstarter Projects

You want your wristwatch to tell perfect time. That’s reasonable, but what if your watch could do more? What if you could listen to all the music from your iPod […]


9 Lessons from Federal IT Reform – Cloud Migration

Original Article Appeared Here The federal government should start seeing savings of $100 million a year starting in 2013 as result of some agency cloud migrations resulting from the Office […]

Helper Robots

Where are Our Helper Robots?

        Here’s what we dreamed of as kids: jetpacks, entire meals that came in pill form, time travel, and, of course, helper robots. That last idea was […]

Mac Viruses

How to Protect your Mac from the Newest Viruses

Macs have always had the reputation for being less susceptible to viruses than are PCs. That doesn’t mean, though, that Mac users can happily scour the web without any protection. […]

OnLive Desktop

CloudOn, OnLive Desktop Bring Windows 7, Microsoft Office to the iPad

The iPad is a wonderful tool, something that consumers already recognize if demand for this product is any indication. However, your iPad can be even more useful thanks to two […]

history of the computer

A Bold Look at the History of the Computer

It’s difficult to imagine life without the computer. Today we carry miniature computers—that’s what smartphones are, after all—in our pockets. However, there was a time not too long ago when […]

inbox zero

Inbox Zero: Productivity Booster or Time Waster?

How many messages fill your email inbox this morning? If you’re like most people, that number could be in the high thousands. Here’s another question: Is a cluttered mailbox a […]

Got Questions

Got Questions? These Three Sites Have Answers

It’s human nature to question. After all, if we never wondered about the world around us, how would we ever be inspired to create? Fortunately, if you have questions, the […]


Reduce Cord and Desktop Clutter Once and For All!

You know it’s time to de-clutter your desk when there’s not even enough room on it for your morning coffee. And what about under your desk? Does it resemble a […]